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Hojun Song — 2021.5.14 07:59 AM

The spores of a seaweed like Miyeok (Undaria pinnatifida) and Dasima (Laminaria japonica) merely travel with ocean currents and are settled. They are known as the most invasive species in the world now but are regarded as a birth related food in Korea. Even we now know the fact that seaweed in the ocean can capture more carbon than the forest of the amazon, not many related international insititutions officialy admit the fact. It's very surprsing that we can deal with many international issues like future food, climate change, decolonization, and diaspora with seemingly insignificant seaweed.

미역과 다시마와 같은 해조류의 포자들은 바다의 흐름에 맡겨져 떠내려 가다 정착할뿐이다. 세계적으로 가장 침략적인 외래종으로 구별되어 있으나 한국에선 생명의 탄생과 함께하는 음식이기도하다. 또한 해조류가 아마존 숲보다 더 지구상에서 이산화 탄소를 많이 감소시키고 있지만 많은 국제기구들은 이 사실을 공식적으로 인정하지 않고 있다. 보잘것 없다고 생각되는 해조류를 통해 미래식량, 기후위기, 탈식민, 그리고 디아스포라와 같은 국제사회의 여러이슈를 다룰 수 있다는 사실에 놀라울 따름이다.

17th Venice Architecture Biennale Korean Pavilion Program
제17회 베니스비엔날레 건축전 한국관 프로그램

Yaksan-myun, Wando-gun, South Korea
대한민국 완도군 약산면 일대

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Live Streaming Archive

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"What we waste what we eat" by chef Hyungchung Kim

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What We Eat What We Waste

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Carbon Sequestration

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Climate Change

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Anti - Colonization

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Project director - Hojun Song
Artist - Hojun Song
Chef - Hyunchung Kim (Tongyeong Owall)
Wando Yaksan coordinator - Sungjin Kim
Venice Seaweed Foraging - Leo James Smith (Italy)
Photography - Hojun Song, Wontae Suh, Dongkoo Jung, Jungheon Hyun
Livestreaming - Hojun Song, Miyoung Lee, Jiyoon Ahn
Discussion Panel & Archiving - Art X Tech Seoul (Elliot Woods(UK), Suhun Lee, Hwayoung Jung), Hyewon Lee, Hyewon Shin
Accomodation & goat - Dowon Pension, Wando Yaksan
Food & Cooking Support - Jiyoung Kim
Participants & Support - Juyoung Park, Eunme Ahn, Marie Jean, Hyegyung, Miyoung Lee, Jiyoon Ahn

기획 - 송호준
작가 - 송호준
셰프 - 김현정 (통영 오월)
완도 약산 코디네이터 - 김성진 이장
베니스 해조류 채집 - Leo James Smith (Italy)
촬영 - 송호준, 서원태, 정동구, 현정헌
라이브스트리밍 - 송호준, 이미영, 안지윤
토론 참여 및 기록 - 아트앤테크 서울 (Elliot Woods(UK), 이수훈, 김지수, 정화영), 이혜원, 신혜원
식량 지원 및 요리 지원 - 김지영
숙소 및 흑염소 - 도원관광팬션, 완도 약산면
참여 및 도움 - 박주영, 안은미, 마리장, 혜경, 이미영, 안지윤

Hojun Song — 2021.5.14 10:48 AM
Future School Food Foraging

Future School Food Foraging

Venice, Wando, Performance, Exhibition

A foray into living off land and sea


Future School Food Foraging is a week-long project in local foraging and sustainability that will take place on-site, in and around Venice, with the Italian/Korean team searching out crabs, fish and wild plants and hoping for the opportunity to meet a Venetian squid. Also marked for collection (and consumption) is kelp, a common foodstuff in East Asia but considered to be invasive algae in Venice, disturbing the ocean ecosystems. The expedition and its results will be recorded, exhibited and archived within Future School.

Exhibition program participants

Happening now

Workers blocking the street during a protest in Vicenza. May 2021

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

Maestranze dello Spettacolo Veneto during the protest at La Fenice Theatre. June 2021

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

Demonstration in front of La Fenice Theatre in Venice. June 2021

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

Venetian workers from art and cultural sector, protesting during lockdown. May 2020

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

AWI (Art Workers Italia) during the occupation of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. April 2021

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

Screenshot from the Dialogues #002 - Lunch at Korean Pavilion

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

New Project from Officina Marghera and Architetture Precarie

The Venetian Team — The Venetian Team: Lagoon Dialogues — Yesterday

Pandemic and Mechanical Surveillance_Alex Taek-Gwang Lee

Future School Staff — Futurology of Schools — Yesterday

Exhibition programs

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